Related elements of packaging graphic design

Related elements of packaging graphic design

Related elements of packaging graphic design In packaging design, there are mainly the following packaging graphic expressions, which should be used flexibly in packaging design.

1. Product duplication
Product reproduction can make consumers directly understand the contents of the package, thereby creating visual impact and demand effects, usually using figurative graphics or realistic photographic graphics.
For example, in food packaging, in order to reflect the deliciousness of the food, photos of the food are often printed on the product packaging to deepen the vivid impression of consumers and generate a desire to buy.

2. The emotional association of the product
"Emotion" refers to things that elicit similar life experiences and thoughts and feelings. It uses emotion as an intermediary to make things move from one thing to another, and to think about the appearance of another thing from the appearance of one thing. Generally speaking, the design of packaging graphics is mainly carried out from the aspects of appearance characteristics, effect characteristics, static and use status, composition of packaged products, source of packaged products, story and history, place of origin and ethnic customs. To describe the connotation of the product, so that people can think of the packaging content after seeing the graphics.

3. Product symbol
Excellent packaging design makes people like and praise, and makes people want to buy. This factor that people have to like is the symbolic effect exuded by the packaging. The function of symbols is to suggest. While it doesn't convey ideas directly or specifically, the suggestion is powerful and sometimes outweighs the concrete. For example, in the packaging design of coffee, a steaming packaging graphic symbolizes the fragrance quality of coffee, and also symbolizes that young men and women are indispensable drinks in dating to attract consumers.

4. Graphic use of brands or trademarks
Using a brand or trademark as a product packaging graphic can highlight the brand and enhance the credibility of product quality. Many shopping bags and cigarette packaging designs mostly use this form of packaging graphic expression.

5. The foil of the product
The so-called foil is to make the reverse side of things very prominent, so that the product image is more vivid, strong and prominent.

6. How to use the product
Usually consumers do not know much about the characteristics of new products, and manual methods are required to explain them in various ways. But the best way is to work hard on the packaging and use packaging graphics to express the purpose of the product; thus increasing the persuasiveness of the product and arousing consumers' interest. For example, photos of the brewing process or usage methods are printed on the packaging of instant noodles, so that consumers can understand the characteristics of the product in advance.

In packaging design, packaging graphics cannot be isolated, but should be closely coordinated with the overall layout to make the overall visual design perfect, thus establishing a unique style.